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TEA CPE #902-507

Keynotes + Motivation

HEC regularly develops lectures, keynote address, and motivational speeches for campuses and school districts. Our keynotes, including content and focus, are tailored for each unique situation, school, and district. Below are some of our popular keynotes. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, we can create a beginning of the year keynote or motivation or a special lecture specifically designed for your district!

HS-College Alignment

This 50-90 minute presentation, the perfect length for conference period professional development, presents how HS/college instruction aligns and diverges. This session seeks to clarify for teachers what students “need to know for college.”

Purpose Driven, Data Informed

This keynote/lecture reframes the oft-cited “data driven” mantra behind many school initiatives into one that privileges purpose and agency over data points.

Beginning of the Year Motivation

Motivation and inspiration to get the school year started off right.

To Be a Teacher Today

Part motivation, part tough love, this talk wades through the obstacles and stigmas that are associated with teaching to present a more meaningful and ethical portrait of what it means to be a teacher today.

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